The clock is ticking. Only 6 sleeps to go…

Farewell Invitiation

Farewell Invitation

So Rach and I have both had our last days of work and the previous weekend we had our farewell party. Thanks to every one who came to the farewell party. Rach and I had a fantastic time. It’s always great to have all of your friends in the one room. The photos from the night are up here:

Map of Trip

Map of Trip

The whole concept of moving to a different country for a while still really hasn’t sunk in. In 2 weeks from now we’ll be in Paris. Three weeks in Prague. It’s all quite strange really. If you click the map on the left, it will show you all the places we are heading to. As you can see where covering such a large part of Europe in a little time. We’re in a new place nearly every three days. One day on a bus, the next two travelling, and then it starts all over again. The bus will be Rach and I’s best friend by the end of the trip 🙁 Visit the itinerary page if you are unsure of what’s the name of one of the places or if you wanna know when we’ll be some where.
My head feels a little lost as I’ve still got a fair few things to do before I go but it should all be under control soon. I better get back to all of that now 🙂

My first post (I couldn’t think of anything better as a title)

I created this blog in hope that during my travels around Europe & the UK I’d keep a record of what went on. This is because I know that by the time I get home, no doubt I will have forgotten or at least forgotten to mention large parts of the trip. I think I’d also like to be able to look back at what’s on here and reminisce and laugh about my adventures. This blog will also allow me to upload and show you photos of some of the great places I’ll visit along the way.

It’s just so easy to communicate with every one via the net. Anyway, I thought this blog would be a good place to start.

Please feel free to register and submit comments. I’d love to hear from you all. Your first post will need to be approved first, so you won’t see it online straight away but from there after it will pop up straight away.

For those who care, the term blog is the short version of web log. For more info click here.