Rach & Jo

Rach & Jo
Adrian & Rach

Adrian & Rach

Today we caught up for lunch with Jo and sat right next to the river Thames where we could see the gherkin building that Jo had talked about as well as the apparently famous Tower bridge and some castle and the city hall.

A few quick points about London so far:

-At an early glance, things here don’t seem that expensive even after conversion from pounds to dollars. We went to an equivalent of Rebel sports where brand name clothes and shoes were cheap as compared to Australia.

Some Castle

Tower of London

Food prices don’t seem that bad either, sometimes the same or a little bit more, nothing that I would call “expensive”. No doubt we’ll see the expensive side before too long.

– There one dollar coins are the same size as our two dollar coins. I first thought I’d been given back extra change i.e. 2 x 2 pound coins but sadly it was only 2 x 1 pound coins.

London Bridge

Tower Bridge
City Hall

City Hall

– The car selections here are so much better here than back home. Lots of different brands, versions, diesels and station wagons that we don’t have home. Holdens are called Vauxhauls here too.
– The police drive BMWs not Holdens or Fords.
– It took us a while to see our first traditional style phone booth 🙂

Later tonight we’re going out for Jo’s birthday dinner. It’ll be good cause Rach and I will catch up with all of our other friends here in London.

Ps. The blog time is now in London time.

4 thoughts on “London”

  1. Hey Guys!
    Sounds like you two are settling in fantastically!
    Love Gabnation, feel like we are all with you!

    And by the way Adrian, that ‘some castle’ is the
    Tower Of London!! One of my favorite places in

    Look forward to reading about your europe trip!

  2. Wow so much has happened already! Where did you guys go for dinner? Was it nice?
    Well I’ve just been baking away getting ready for Jordie’s Birthday tomorrow, made him cup cakes to take to care, and baked the cake to make into a rocket on Saturday. Talk to you tomorrow! Love Ness xoxo

  3. Oh yeah you know how you were saying the apparently famous London Bridge, is it famous cos of that nursery rhyme? London bridge is falling down, falling down, my fair lady.

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