Paris – Day 3

Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa

Today we went to the Louvre. This is one of Paris’ most famous museum and is home to the Mona Lisa. We managed to get a photo holding the Mona Lisa 🙂 The Louvre is huge. To cover all of it you would need a full day or more.

After that we headed to Notre Dame to get a closer look and to walk around inside. It is huge. I really don’t know how they built this building in their times. It’s very tall and you can walk around the top to see Paris.

Sacre Coeur

Sacre Coeur

We then headed to the Sacre Coeur which is a huge church but the main attraction is that it is on a hill which looks over a large part of Paris. Paris is quite flat so the view is great. It’s right near our place, so we’re gonna head back tonight to go have a look at Paris at night. It should be a great view, just as it is in the day.

So tommorrow we are off to Amsterdam. My mum told me I should go check out the “coffee shops” and she said the red light district is worth a visit 🙂 hehhehehhe just kidding. Hi mum if you’re reading!

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  1. how exciting paris is just amazing isn’t it? i can’t wait to go back…loving the updates keep em coming 🙂

    i look forward to what you have to say about amsterdam hehe :p we will be there on friday- giddyup 🙂

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