Berlin has been really good, it is so interesting because there is so much history behind everything that we have seen.  The weather has been great which is always a bonus! We went on another bike tour yesterday (yes we love our bike tours!) it was really good the tour guide was so knowledgable he knew absolutely everything.  There is so much to do in Berlin we haven’t even touched the surface of things to do and see.

Last night we went on a pub crawl with some other busabout people it was a lot of fun we visited 4 clubs and at every place we got a free shot as you can imagine Adrian was pretty happy with that!  We had the walk to each club so in between the clubs the guides poured yagameister and apple snapps into our mouths!   The last club we went to was pretty big it had 3 different rooms but the music was pretty crap in all 3. We got home at about 3:30 so today has been a bit of struggle to get motivated to do stuff. 

This afternoon we were going to a concentration camp about 40 minutes out of Berlin so we went to the train station to catch a train and sat there for about 30 minutes waiting for it and then realised that the announcement over the loud speaker in German that had been repeated several times was saying that our train had been cancelled!  Adrian was most upset because it was something he really wanted to see but apparently we stop at a concentration camp on our way to Prague tomorrow. 

I’ve got 2 minutes left so I better go.




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  1. In all that text you forgot to mention the lambo that you saw! I’ve heard that downfall was a good film to. I think i might of seen a review on the movie show. I’d be soooooo kut about the train being cancelled, i got a lil cranky while reading about it! lucky i’m not there. I’m keen to hear about the concentration camps. Keep me posted.


  2. Woops! How could I forget! For those interested on Saturday night on one of the main streets of Berlin a V12 Lamborghini Murcielago ripped past me at a blazing speed. I nearly fainted from excitement! I’ve only ever seen these beauties at motor shows. So to see one getting strapped was great!

    Vroom vroom!!!

    Yeah I was not happy about the train line being cancelled. The camp was one of few things that I had planned to see. Oh well. We ended up going to another one on the way to Prague. Keep posted for more info.

    And No, Adrian isn’t hogging the net. Rach is free to purchase her own time at one of the many other net PCs 🙂

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