Praha… As the locals call it.

As Rach said, we stopped at a concentration camp used by the Nazis.

Terezin Court Yard

Terezin Court Yard

It’s called Terezin and is about an hour and a half away from Prague. It was mainly used for Prisoners on route to other destinations. It was not like the other larger camps where mass gassings occurred. Prisoners were sent to other camps for this. The people mainly died from the appalling conditions. The picture of the court yard shows a sign which means “Work makes you free”. Apparently this slogan was used throughout the majority of concentration camps.

Solitary Confinement


Only three people escaped from Terezin. They used a ledge which wrapped around the outside of the building. After the escape, part of the ledge was removed to prevent further escapes. We got to see where they escaped and where the ledge was removed. For more info on Terezin check out:

A few things on Prague, the beer here is dirt cheap. Too bad I’m not a big beer fan. And when I mean cheap I mean cheap. For top quality beer you can get half a litre for anywhere from just over $1 – $2 aussie dollars.

I must say it’s about time that I walk into a public place and find the Ice Hockey on TV! And not the stupid football! The Czechs are big on their hockey. There is a big arena and hockey shop right next to our place. The first night we were here, we walked into an Italian restaurant and what do you know? There was a Czech vs Canada game on the big screen 🙂 A couple of the staff sat around an watched it instead of work. Today we went to a net cafe and on the wall was a widescreen plasma and the guy turned it on and what do you know? Czech vs USA was on. Currently the world championships are being played Latvia and the teams are stacked with NHL players.

Rach and I both read such good things about Prague. I was epxecting to see Castles galore but there aren’t many around here. I expected more sights to visit too. The one thing to note is that it was the most busiest place we have ever been too, even though it was a Monday. And in general I have never seen so many tourist / souvenir shops in a row or in the same area. None of the other places we have been to have been like that.

It rained about 15:30 today which pretty much ended our day short. I wish we bought waterproof pants 🙂 To match the rain jacket. Our rain jacket has been a blessing a couple times and is definitely worth every cent.

On the subject of paying for toilets. So far I’ve been able to weasel my way out of paying for at least three or four. In many parts of Europe, it’s common that you have to pay for them. The first time I went near a pay toilet I didn’t know. I just looked at this woman in her office which was in the middle of the male and female doors and thought to myself gees that’s a weird place to put an office. Only after Rach kindly informed me did I know.

I love to see all your comments. Good work from Jo 🙂 For the people who made comments, please check back because I have replied to a few of them.

We’re off to Venice tomorrow by plane (a nice change from the bus). I have to go on a gondella ride for my Dad. And I’m currently reading the Godfather novel, so I’m all prepped for Italy! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Praha… As the locals call it.

  1. adrian you crack me up! i think you are the only person i know that could visit prague and talk more about wrx’s and the price of beer and toilets rather than the city itself? one love gabba!

    great set up by the way! loving keeping track of you guys whilst making me very jealous!

  2. i heard that it’s really cheap in prague too 🙂
    oh you are going to love venice (well at least i hope you do) it’s not hard too hehe :p rach check out the markets and the jewelery stores such cool and different jewelery i love it!!!! and go running mad through the main square sooo many freakin pigeons!!! hehe 🙂
    gotta love the gondala ride it’s a very romantic city (wink, wink) 😀
    oh yeh and check out how they make glass too if you can thats really cool but skip the lace tour BORING!!!!
    loving the updates, keep em coming
    much love xxx

  3. Hey Guys,
    Glad it’s all going well! You will just love Italy! Venice is cool and Rach there are so many stars/moons and suns – so many stalls and shops to look at. Can’t wait till you guys get to Florence, or as it is called Firenze! It is my favorite city in the world!

    Enjoy Italy! And remember don’t fall in the dirty water in Venice!!

  4. Hahahhaah. I thought that Rach talked enough about the city. I had to talk about the WRX cause of the Lambo incident but yeah it’s not really travel related is it? Good to see you are reading it Mick 🙂

    A lot of Prague looked like the slums / the ghetto. But looking out over Prague was nice. One thing you can see is that Australia is very modern looking to a lot of the countries we have seen so far.

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