Rome’ing around

Yeah like Rach said yesterday we seriously walked for well over six hours with only a lunch break for a stop. We covered a lot of things and a large area in one day with no public transport except for on the way back. We walked from the Vatican city in the north west of Rome right down to the Colosseum in the south east. I’d love to know how many kilometres we walked in total.

The one thing about Italy is all of their monuments are just huge, very tall and very detailed. It must have taken ages for them to be built. So much effort and attention to detail went into them.

Today was a much light day. Both of us were keen to retire earlier than the other days. We first headed for the Sistine Chapel but the line was massive. I’d say close to a kilometre. So we headed back to the Colosseum for another quick look. As well as another look at the Roman ruins on the way back from the Colosseum. We then began our walk to the Piazza Navona (a piazza is a square or public place). It’s home to the Fontana del Quattro Fiumi (Fountain of Four Rivers).

Roman Ruins 

Roman Ruins

After that we headed back towards the Sistine Chapel to have another go at the line and this time around there was none, which was great. The path to the Sistine Chapel goes through many other corridors, rooms and large halls. I’d say we walked at least a kilometre on our little trip. So many of them had fantastically detailed walls and roofs with paintings of all sorts of the things. A lot of sculptures around the place and the one thing we noticed was that a lot of the male statues had their private bit broken off them 🙂 But the ones with leaves instead did not. After a good half hour of winding corridors, rooms and large halls we finally got into the Sistine Chapel. Well Michelangelo was really an artist. The paintings are so detailed and cover a massive amount of space. There are lots of separate large paintings that apparently tell stories from the bible. Again like all the other Italian monuments, it’s huge, very tall and very detailed. Unfortunately they won’t allow photos (like in Paris with the Mona Lisa, hence the post card shot 🙂 ).

We ended the day at that as we’re both still a little worn out from the day before. We headed back to our place for a swim and spa. Relaxing….

Tomorrow I think we are headed for our worst accomodation. Tents! This’ll be character building 🙂

7 thoughts on “Rome’ing around

  1. gabba you are the most organised man in the world i find it hard to believe you didn’t pack a pedometer to work out how far you have walked?

    love keeping up with your travels see you soon guys!

  2. hahaha nice one mick from sydney :p

    i love rome it’s one of my fave cities soo much history it’s amazing!!! did you check out any of the ruins of old rome near the colleseum??? where julia cesaer stood and was killed on the steps? all so sureal to be there

  3. Oh no not tents! I hate camping. Hope it all goes well. Is it just the two of you in a tent or do you have to share? Hows the Italian food going?
    Ness xoxo

  4. whats this nonsense i find a gap here in your itenary!!! hehe where you staying in florence? how are you finding the food?? i didn’t think it was that special i make better pasta!!

    i can’t believe we only miss you in nice by a week too- damn!!! 🙁

    hope you having fun and it’s nice and sunny and warm coz it’s $%^@ miserable & wet in london!!! brrr 🙁
    tez is still in ibiza somewhere her phone is dead tho, so drop her an email when you get there

  5. hahhaha Mick. Nah a pedometer is too low tech 🙁 I’d get a GPS navigation system 😉 Hey Mick with your “see you soon” comment. Does that mean you are coming overseas? Wanna meat up at Ibiza?

    Jo, yep we checked out the old ruins on the walks to and from the Colosseum. They look very cool. I took a fair few photos of them.

    Ness, we didn’t end up staying in tents which was good. Keep posted for our accommodation story of Florence.

    Ness & Jo, about the food. In general it’s been hard to find good food. But we managed to find good side street restaurants in Rome and Venice. Of course we’ve had our share of shocker meals but not too many thankfully. All of the quick meals places are gross. They all have rolls (panini) that they prepared at open time and then they don’t make any more. So all of the rolls sit there for hours and you can see them go a yucky colour. So we’ve stayed away from the quickie joints.

  6. very cool! highly recommended it. if you need any tips or anything, i´d be more than happy to help e.g. good airline and accommodation sites. all i can say is use the internet. we did everything via the net. do not got to a travel agent for anything other than your big flight. that´s my opinion anyway cause we had a number of bad stories with travel agents which also lead to a girl in a taxi line receiving an adrian-is-mute verbal bashing in a taxi line. she was silly enough to tell me that she worked for the travel agent that we had the bad stories with. boy did i open up the flood gates on her. poor girl. but i just had to vent…

    but a pretty funny story. i think i can remember burnie apologising for me saying “um sorry my friend can get a little rowdy when he´s had a few”


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