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I’ve been meaning to put this post up for a while. It’s really just a collection of useless information. To read on click here –> 

– In Venice I had to run back to our cabin to get something just minutes before our coach was due to leave. Rach waited and the bus driver spoke to her and Rach said she was just waiting for her boyfriend. The italian bus driver said in an Italian accent “Where’s your boyfriend?” Rach: He’s just gone to get something. Bus driver: Oh yeah what ever he’s with another girl. Rach: No, no he’s not. Bus driver: How do you know that?

Hahhahah I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard this 🙂

– The Venice camping ground had deck chairs set out to watch the planes take off. Cool as but I was only ever around to see one. The camping site was next to an airport.

– We’re dying for some English reading material! A novel a magazine. Preferably a car or computer magazine 🙂 Anything! I’ve finished my book (Godfather. Great book!) and so has Rach.

– We got on a bus in Venice and there was this weird guy across from Rach. He still had the sticker on the front of one of the glass bits of his sunnies and a big one right in his view but this didn’t seem to bother him. But this explained itself cause afterwards he put on his spectacles underneath the sunnies and on the same side that lense in his spectacle had been cracked in half right down the centre and been glued together with what looked to be clag glue 🙂 Ok then….

– Nearly every place we’ve been to has it’s group of undesirables. Paris had these guys selling hundreds of little metal Eiffel towers or post cards and would regularly come up to tourists asking if they would want one. They also had another group who in groups would get people coming down stairs to try put a string on your hand to make you a band and apparently once it was on you, you had to pay! Venice had these guys everywhere walking the streets selling “original” Louis Vitton bags. And even right in front of the Louis Vitton store! Their favourite saying was “Excuse me.. Hello… Half price.” After a few cities, I ended up saying “Half price” back to them when ever they greeted me or I’d point at my watch when they asked me if I wanted one 🙂 Another group would try sell these stress balls made from sand in balloons for one Euro. Rome had heaps of the same guys selling the same bags and another group selling mini camera tripods. Another group were older people just holding cups for coins. Florence had the same bag guys too but with also “original Rolex watches”. We often wander what group of people we’ll see in the next city.

– In Rome we saw a mini Ferrari parade. Pretty cool seeing twenty of the red beasts fly past.

– Nutella is a big hit here in Europe. We’ve been given it for breakfast a couple times and have now bought Nutella in little portions to spread on bread when we get up early and breakfast is not available. I am loving the Nutella! Mum used to buy it for us all the time. One day we bought Nutella at night and in the morning when we came back it was all gone. Every one loves it 🙂

– Most of the Italian boys are heavily into their fashion sun glasses. Often you will see the boys with way out there sun glasses. Rarely would you see “plain” style sun glasses.

Bumper to Bumper  

Bumper to Bumper

– In France they park like mad men! Seriously you will see bumper to bumper for tens of cars in a row. And i mean bumper to bumper. A person could not fit between them! The same happens in Rome too.

– Like Ben said those tiny smart cars are all around Europe and very popular. They are a massive hit in Rome where parking is at a premium. Often they will park perpendicular to the curb instead of parallel. Why you ask? Cause they can!

– Italians in Rome love beeping their horns like it’s going out fashion. You can’t go a minute without hearing a beep beep.

– The Italians in Rome love their scooters too. I guess cause they are small and cheap. The riders are crazy too. They will often cross a solid line and go on to the wrong side of the road to pass anything just get in front and the on coming car often has to swerve out of their way. Talk about a death wish!



– I saw my second super car but for the first time up close and parked in a driveway. It’s a V12 Lamborghini Murcielago. When I first saw it I grabbed Rach and started making all sorts of noise and pointed at it. I grabbed her hand and we crossed the road to get closer. The guy came out to put on the soft top roof at it was the Roadster version. There is this cool site called http://www.exoticspotter.com/ Ramdoms like me send in photos of super cars when they see them on the streets. I couldn’t help but think of this site when I saw it. I didn’t get a front on photo so I won’t bother. I’m hoping to see more super cars when we go to Monaco.

Ps. We’ll put up our Florence adventures in the next couple days. Internet was not available near our place in Florence.

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