We originally had only booked our last nights accommodation in Florence because we were just going to wait till we got there to book something in the city but decided the night before we left that we’d just book the other 2 nights at the busabout drop off point. Anyways we got there and said we have a booking for 3 nights and the lady said no its only for 1 night and we’re like no we booked the extra 2 nights last night if you let us get onto the internet we can show you the confirmation number etc, she said that they didn’t have the internet available for us to use. Adrian was getting quite cranky by this stage 🙂 We then said we booked it on gomio.com or hostelworld.com and she said we’ll you couldn’t have cos we don’t use those websites! Then it occurred to us that we’d booked the wrong place!! Luckily they had space there cos we couldn’t be bothered carrying our bags around looking for the other place. That’s our first stuff up for the trip! Wasn’t too bad it the scheme of things 🙂

Oh yeah and the accommodation is in cabins not tents thank god. But the cabins don’t have water hooked up them so you can’t use the toilet or shower in them you have to walk about 200m which a pain when you really need to go to the toilet at 3am! (Click the link to the right –>)

So our first night in Florence we went into the city with the other busbaout people and walked around for awhile just looking at everything and then went to dinner at a place called ‘House of Sizzle’ which was pretty good. They gave us so much food – bruschetta, pasta, steak (Adrian had chicken) and icecream for dessert and a drink too! We then went to the club next door and continued to drink until Adrian the softy wanted to go at about 12:30am!

The next day we slept in a bit then caught the bus into the city and pretty much just walked around for ages looking at everything. We went to the museum where the statue of David is called the Galleria dell’Accademia. That was really cool, we were very impressed. He is so much bigger than I thought he would be and so detailed everything is so perfect. Adrian was really annoyed that he wasn’t allowed to take any photos of him.



We also went to the Ponte Vecchio bridge. This bridge has the highest concentration of gold in one place so it is full of jewellery stores that sell only gold and silver so that was cool checking out all the jewellery 🙂

We also went this square called Piazza Della Signoria which has a lot of different statues and also has a copy of David. The square was always packed full of people and is apparently the number one place for pick pocketers in Florence.

Piazza della Signoria

Piazza della

We wanted to go to this museum called Uffizi but you have to line up for a few hours to get in. You can also call this number to make a reservation but you couldn’t make a reservation till 1 June so this place must be pretty good.

Florence is really a shoppers paradise, lots of cool clothes and jewellery stores and heaps of leather stores. Luckily I don’t have much room in my bag else I would of bought lots of stuff I think!

And the gelati and waffles were great too, I think I ate icecream every day that we we’re there! Actually I think I have every day that we’ve been in Italy it is just so good!

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    Dont think i’d be keen to wait a few hours to see the museum. But it must be awesome if youve gotta wait that long! Wouldn’t it suck if it was crap tho

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