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10 Person Dorm

Dorm rooms. Gotta love them. Barcelona is the 3rd place we’ve stayed in dorm rooms. Dorm rooms have pros and cons. Mainly cons.


Cheaper than a single room.
You get to meet other people from all over the world.


Situations where like last night some guy who is not in your TEN person dorm room walks in at 1am because he has one of the keys of the guys in the room. He then mistakenly thinks the girl from Amsterdam is his mate and proceeds to talk to her as if she is his mate waking her up. Because he is drunk as and stumbling around with a 1 litre beer in his hand he then turns on the light wakes up the whole room and then goes to his mates trying to wake them up, to come down stairs. He then spills his beer all of the floor and uses his mates towel to sweep it under the bed. By this stage another couple had left the room and I was making smart ass comments to him.

Other situations where you get woken up by a guy in your room who has jumped off his bed and made a lot of noise. I open my eyes and see he is completely naked! He goes off to the toilets at the other end of the floor naked. One of the other girl is awake too and I make a “what the” symbol with my hands. He then forgets his key to the room so he is still drunk, naked and locked outside his room. At this stage I was up talking to Rach and there was no way I was gonna let the punk in. I wanted him to have to walk down stairs in the nude. He banged on the door a few times and swore out loud until some one else let him in. Still naked of course. I wish that person didn’t let him in! Can you imagine that our room smells like beer.

The other bad thing is that you have to be quiet when you wake up because every one is still asleep cause they didn’t come home till late. You have to pussy foot around being quite with your zippers and everything else.

Another bad thing is when you go to bed early, EIGHT other people come into the room at whatever hour in the morning. And like last night, they woke us and others up.

Oh and how could I forget! Snorers! Especially the ones that with even ear plugs in you can still hear. Usually you fall straight back to sleep but a couple times I’ve just wanted to put a pillow over some one’s head and suffocate them! 🙂

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  1. ahahaha the joys of travelling :p luckily i have never had to sleep in a dorm but i would prob be one of those loud drunks coming in late and waking people up anyway hehe :p the most people we slept in a room with on contiki was 4 (inc me and tez) and we were pretty good friends with them by then!
    so how is nice??? you liking it?? you should go to canne if you can and go on the ski boat ride thingy LOADS of FUN!!! 🙂 the sea water is VERY salty YUKKK!! have fun xxx

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