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Farnborough International Airshow


The air show is only on every two years so I was keen to take advantage of the situation. It was only by accident I found out it was on. As I was walking by down in the underground I just caught a poster in the corner of my eye.

AirBus A380

AirBus A380

Why did I go to an air show you ask? When I was younger I wanted to be a fighter pilot. I loved seeing fighter jets in movies and for years one of my favourite movies was Iron Eagle. It’s a movie full of fighter jets. I also constructed model fighter jets and had heaps of them hanging from my roof. I never became a fighter pilot because of my eyes or more that you couldn’t pull me off the computer from the age of thirteen.

Ever since then I’ve always taken a keen interest in airplanes, jets & fighter jets. They’ve always fascinated me.



The show was unreal to say the least. Walking in was so exciting cause I could see the new, yet to be released, world’s largest jumbo jet airliner. The photos don’t do just for how massive this thing is. It’s double decked, its engines are huge, the wings are double the thickness and its tail fin is double the height of other jumbo jets. I stood and stared for ages and circled the massive jet.

There were many other planes on display and a big favourite of mine was the US Department of Defence section. They had my favourite fighter jet as a child, the F-16 and a few other world’s best fighter jets, all metres away. It was the coolest sight looking down from a slight hill looking down at the fighter jets all close together.



From 12:30 the sky show started. They rolled out the A340 (the world’s longest reaching passenger jet) and then the A380 and every one just paused in silence watching this behemoth roll on the runway. The A340 first took off and instantly took the sharpest turn I have ever seen an airliner take. The display it put on was unreal. It made so many sharp turns, big dives and climbs. I couldn’t believe airliner jets were capable of doing this.

The A380 took off next and it was crazily loud. Spewing for the people near Sydney’s airport. I thought there’s no way they’ll do the same sort of manoeuvres as the A340 but the A380 did. The howling that came from the jets as it pulled up from a deep dive was unreal. Again I was amazed out how such a large plane can move and turn that quickly.



For the next three and half hours nearly every five to ten minutes a whole range of fighters jets performed an air display. They were all amazingly quick, agile and deafeningly loud. They also had a few helicopters performing some unreal manoeuvres.

On the day was more than 100 aircraft either on display or performing in the air show. Reportedly over 200,000 people attended the show over seven days.

For more photos from the day check out:

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  1. Those pics are awesome. I wish i was there, I could’ve stayed there all day! Did you take any videos dude?

  2. Dude it was cool as. I was there from 8:45 till 16:00. I was cut I left early because on Monday I found out this unreal show of a MIG Fighter jet doing a freefall vertical flat spin was displayed. I saw a video of it on the net.

    But the biggest cutness of the day was when my batterry ran out and then I changed it for the second battery only to find the second battery was dead!!!! Just after the 2nd air display too!

    So I’ve only got one video of the A380 taking off which is pretty cool. I’ll try get it online so you can have a look.

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