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South West Four



SW4 was bound to be a hit. It’s a day musical festival which had a massive line up and of course it’s right in our back yard. It’s only a ten minute bus away and even shorter for Jo and Pat. I guess you could compare it to Field Day but with a much bigger line up. The line up for the day included big names such as Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold, Steve Lawler, Pete Tong, Judge Jules, John Digweed, James Zabeila, Seb Fontaine, Sander K, Shape Shifters and many more. The event is hosted in the well known, massive green Clapham Common Park.

The weather was predicted to be cloudy, with sunny intervals and rain. Who knows what that really means? To our surprise we had clouds and sunny patches all day until the last hour when it started pouring down.

Group Shot

Group Shot

A fun thing that the event organisers did was let out what seemed to be hundreds of blow up balls into the main stage crowd. For ages you couldn’t turn your head without seeing heaps of balls in your vision. Heaps of people were kicking them into the air, over and over. You’ll see what I mean by some of the photos.

You’ll see this weird looking guy in the photos dressed in a newspaper jacket. Not only did he look different but he looked mean and scary. He didn’t look friendly at all.

The day just went so fast. We just sat down chatting and before we knew it we were walking out the front gates. A good day was head. It was great seeing lots of the Londoners from oz.

For some photos of the day click below:

Ps.SW4 is the postcode that the park is in. South West London 4.

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