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Wild night out on a Thursday

We love free drinks

We love free drinks

My recruitment agency GCS put on a meet up for all of the GCS contractors from my work. As you expect, they make a lot of money from us contractors for doing didley squat. So myself and every one else were keen as get some of my money back. I’d heard that GCS put on a good party.

This party was wild and out of control. We started of with beers and not long after we got there, on the bar were fifteen c-s-cowboy shots. Then my main drink of the night is crushed lime, Vodka, ice and that’s it. I know it sounds horrible cause you can clean stuff with Vodka but the lime does an excellent job of masking the metho like flavour. Adding a cube of sugar makes it even sweeter. More rounds of c-s-cowboy shots fifteen at a time kept coming. In no time at all every one was well over the limit then some one brought down boxes of cigars. These were ₤20 – ₤30 pounds per cigar which is about $50 – $75! Every one was getting into them. There horrible and a good way to make your clothes smell. Mum, if you’re reading no, I don’t smoke. I was just posing for the photos. But yes I still don’t mind a drink or two 🙂

Stevie & Adrian

Stevie & Adrian

An unreal night was had and by the end of it every one was well over the limit, it was quite funny. Every one had a great time. It’s always good when a group of people hit a party all with the same objective. That is to get legless 🙂

I turned up to work as per norm and I was he only one there. Two people didn’t turn up for work. One citing “stomach bug” issues. The others trickled in slowly up until 11am. Some were looking pretty bad but it made for good conversation at lunch time.

For more photos of the night check out:

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