Woo hoo! Holidays…

Happy holidays and all of that stuff to you all. Most of all, I hope you’re all spending time away from work and with your families, friends and love ones taking it easy.

I’ve completed a big update to the gabnation site. I’ve changed the way the pages to work in order to make it much easier for me to update and maintain. At the same time I’ve finally got around to uploading the photos from our Europe trip and added the thumbnails for the cities and the other albums. All of the albums from now on will be added to the gabnation gallery but I’ll still add a thumbnail and link to them from within the relevant gabnation web page. The main additions are to the travel, party and events section. You can always access these by going direct to www.gabnation.com and clicking on the relevant links.

Dinner at home

Dinner at home

As for what’s been going on. Rach and I are both on holidays and don’t have to go back to work until the 3rd of Jan. We’re both over the moon to be on holidays and we’re soaking it up. On the Christmas Eve our house had a Christmas dinner party. A house mate put on a massive dinner for us all. He cooked up a huge three-hour slow cook turkey and a big slab of ham. There were heaps of other delicious side dishes and roasted potatoes. There was so much food, it was great. I just wish I had a second stomach. Of course drinks were a plenty and we did a secret Santa. I got a playboy cocktail shaker and glass set. Rach got a walkie talkie set so that we can talk to each other when she’s upstairs and I’m down stairs 🙂 I can see the benefits already, “Love, could you get me a drink please?” Brilliant! As for the people in the photo, starting from the far left going clockwise is Brett (Mandy’s boyfriend), Luke (house mate & the chef), Warren (Luke & Renee’s friend), Renee (house mate & Luke’s wife), me, Rach, Mandy (house mate).

Dinner at Nat's

Dinner at Nat’s

On Christmas day Rach and I spent the day at my sister’s place with three of her friends. We went to the Borough Markets a couple days before and planned on doing what mum Maria had done in the past. We bought lots of little things so we could graze on food all day. We bought olives, artichokes, chorizo, prosciutto, sun dried tomatoes, bocconcini and of course the Italian cake Panettone. We also had a few small sized courses throughout the day. We had a fancy styled bruschetta, a broccoli and fetta pasta, a lemon risotto and of course a selection of deserts. We had a great day of eating and drinking lots and we spent most of the day chatting and playing cards. In the photo starting from top left going clockwise is Matt (Nat’s work friend, Damon (Nat’s work friend from Melb), Rach, me, Nat (my sister), Adrian (Nat’s friend from Melb)

On other the things the weather has gone a bit cold starting last week. I spent a bit of time outdoors last Thursday and Friday and definitely couldn’t have done it without my thermal pants under my jeans, thermal long sleeve shirt, big jacket, beanie and gloves. Even then my finger tips were still getting a little cold. It’s at the point where you can’t go outside without a big jacket any more.

We still don’t have anything planned for New Years Eve. But with Radley and Foil in town I’m sure we’ll figure out something. My house mates are putting on a party so we might do that as well go see the fireworks at the London Eye along the river Thames.

Today Rach and I are off to the sales to see if there are any bargains. The people here go crazy for them with a lot of stores opening at 5am today. A little too early for my liking.

Anyway, to those back home, I hope the sun is treating you all well.

Ciao for now,
Adrian and Rach

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