Another year gone by

So another year rolls on by. In previous years I’ve said that the year went quick but this year I can’t say it did. It didn’t go fast but it didn’t go slow in any way at all.

Rach and I spent New Years Eve at home… But of course our house put on a party. We thought we’d be able to see the London Eye fireworks from our rooftop but we found out at 00:00 that we couldn’t see them 🙁 So instead we watched them on a TV. I sat their it utmost disappointment and sadness watching a spectacular display of fireworks, on TV. Unlike the rest that I had seen, this display wasn’t boring. I was really disappointed that we weren’t there along the river watching them in person and soaking up the atmosphere. All I can say that is if you are ever here in London on New Years Eve, make sure you go.

Anyway, at this time of the year for a number of years, my group of friends reflect back on the year that was and each person posts up their list of highs and lows of the year just gone. Further below is the list I posted.

Rach and I have got Dubai booked in for the 24th of this month. We’re going for five days and I can’t wait. I’ve read into it and seen the pictures, I am keen as. A seven star hotel, giant palm islands, massive skylines, indoor skiing slopes, tax & duty free shopping, big malls, big buildings and more.

So here is my list of highs and lows of 2006:


– My ultimate Lamborghini driving experience day!!! Thanks Rach 🙂
– Our unreal two month trip around Europe and all its great cities (Paris, Berlin, Venice, Rome, Barcelona, Monaco, Lisbon, Ibiza)
– Living in London (and everything else that comes with it)
– Attending my first World Rally Champ event in Germany and then Finland
– Hearing about the upcoming addition to the McMaster family
New York, New York
– Becoming a Portuguese citizen (show us ya EU passport)
– Living out of home with Rach and in a big city
– Seeing Bernie and Foil on the other side of the planet
– Going to the Farnborough International Airshow


– Selling my red Focus (I loved that car, its sunroof and those leather seats)
– Hiring the moonlight bus for my birthday, only to have a minibus turn up!
– Knowing I would be missing out on Field Day 2007

One thought on “Another year gone by”

  1. Spewin you guys couldn’t see the fireworks! I didn’t even watch ours on tv. I was watchin Scareface instead! We took it easy on NYE. Ness went to bed at 1015, poor lass, she’s very tired. The heat isn’t helpin either.

    I cant even remember what i did this year!

    – Making another baby
    – Talking to gabs about is Lambo day
    – Getting into my course for this year
    – Playing as much cricket as possible
    – Australia winning the ashes 5-0

    – Still working at the milk factory
    – Martyn, Warne, Mcgrath, langer all quiting test cricket
    – Realising how tired i’m going to be in 07!!!

    Thats about all i can think of right now

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