Our new place

Sorry for the massive delay in getting these photos up. I can’t believe how quickly time goes past. In a couple days it’s been a month since we moved into our new place. Gees it really does fly when you’re having fun 🙂 Anyway, I know some of you have asked or wondered why we moved out. I’ll keep it short in saying, if it wasn’t already obvious, we moved out because of one individual at our last place. That individual even snoops around on this blog spying on us. Clearly that person doesn’t have much of a life. The individual knows we know they snoop on here. We’ve already busted the person and displayed them a special private message for them only. Anyway enough of the rubbish, on to the new place.

Our new place is great. Rach and I have our own floor with a bathroom and private balcony looking out on to the local area. We only share with two others instead of the four to six, like at the last place. The new place is in a much better area and since moving here I haven’t seen a single punk with a hoodie on (that won’t make much sense to the people back home but I’ll explain later, it’s a good thing safety wise). There is so much more to do around here in our new area, which’ll be just perfect for summer. There’s a few parks close by and along our street there are quite a few bars, pubs and restaurants. There is also two busy high street areas very close by. There’s even a cinema too, just a few minutes walk away. On the weekend, Rach and I are going to look for a table and chairs to go on the balcony. I’m really looking forward to the summer months, sitting back on the balcony, relaxing having a bevy or two.

Photos: Our room | Bathroom 1 | Bathroom 2 | The view 1 | The view 2 | Our balcony

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