Catching up with Mick and Candice in Ibiza

A photo of the main dance floor in Amnesia, Ibiza

PVD @ Amnesia

So I went to Ibiza to catch up with Mick and Candice. Mick has been a good friend of mine for some time from the hockey days and Candice is his girlfriend.

Our first night was at Amnesia where Paul Van Dyk was to play a 6 hour set. He played a pretty good mix and dropped in a few classics along the way e.g. Iio – Rapture and one of my top favs: Andain – Beautiful Things. A great night was had but the humidity, heat and general way too packed club stopped it from being as good as it could be.

On Friday afternoon we went for a bit of a stroll along the Beach to Play Den Bossa to go see one of my favourite places called Bora Bora a beach bar.

A photo of Mick and Adrian in Figueretas

Morning Sun

The beaches all from Figueretas right along to Play Den Bossa was nearly empty because a tanker had spilled thousands of litres of oil into the sea. All the beaches in the surrounding areas were all closed to swimming and from what I saw most people must have been on other parts of the Island. June last year was way more packed then July this year. Mick and Candice said on the first day you could see black waves crashing onto the beaches and that you could easily smell the oil in the water. They had heaps of men in white suits in a huge clean up operation. The beaches and nearby businesses would of lost so much money.

A photo of Mick and Candice at Pacha, Ibiza

Mick and Candice

On Friday night we went to Pacha to see Pete Tong and a few others. Pacha is a much classier club than Amnesia. It’s not as ratty and there are no candy ravers. It was quite amusing watching all the girls get kitted up competing against one another. I liked Pacha much better because they had a huge open-roof terrace. As it was so hot on the dance it was so much nicer to sit down outside in the fresh air and socialise.

A photo of Bora Bora beach bar

Bora Bora

Saturday afternoon we went back to Bora Bora but this time to sit in a beach chair for a few hours to soak up the sun, the cool music and all with a cold bevvy close by. We were given free entry tickets to two of the super clubs Space and Privilege by promoters walking around Bora Bora. This would give us something to do for our third night 🙂

A photo of the sunset from Sant Antonio Ibiza

San Antonio

On Sat afternoon we headed to other side of the Island (Sant Antonio) to see the sunset. Everything I’ve ever read said you must see this. We missed the sunset by literally 5 or so minutes due to a traffic jam (everyone else was trying to go see the same thing). Either way as you’ll see from the photos it was a pretty fantastic sight. We then headed to the popular Café Mambo which is next to Café del Mar to watch the rest of the sunset.

After eating dinner our motivation and energy to do anything more on our third night die quickly. We ended up heading home packed our bags, slept and jetted off on Sunday morning.

A photo of the sunset from Cafe Mambo, Ibiza

Cafe Mambo

All in all I had a great time and massive weekend. It was awesome to catch up with Mick and Candice, who I hadn’t seen in ages. What better way than to catch up with close friends on the other side of the planet and on the world’s most famous party island Ibiza! How often can you say that you partied with friend on Ibiza? We also bumped into these two nice girls (from the UK) who we hung out with for two of the nights.

To see the photos from the trip visit here:

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