Two years on…

Can you believe it? Another year has gone flashing by again. Every day goes flying passed like crazy. It feels like not long ago I was writing the one year post. And just like my last post, for those of you not in the know, Rach and I have been together for two years today.

An image of the Rach and Adrian collage

Two years on…

What a fantastic ride it has been and I could not have chosen someone better. Her excellent qualities make for a great companion and it’s made our time together fantastic. The last year has been so easy going and smooth sailing.

We’ve been to so many different places and many more to come. To mark the special occasion we are currently in Budapest, Hungary, off on yet another trip 🙂

To see a glimpse of what a fantastic time the last year has been click here.

Our new place

Sorry for the massive delay in getting these photos up. I can’t believe how quickly time goes past. In a couple days it’s been a month since we moved into our new place. Gees it really does fly when you’re having fun 🙂 Anyway, I know some of you have asked or wondered why we moved out. I’ll keep it short in saying, if it wasn’t already obvious, we moved out because of one individual at our last place. That individual even snoops around on this blog spying on us. Clearly that person doesn’t have much of a life. The individual knows we know they snoop on here. We’ve already busted the person and displayed them a special private message for them only. Anyway enough of the rubbish, on to the new place.

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Meet our new house mate



This our new house mate smudge. He is named smudge because when he first moved in he would always step in his own poo after doing the business and would smudge it all over his leg. He is about 14 weeks old. When he first arrived he was tiny and fragile but since then he has grown a bit and has started to hone his hunting skills. He has these cute little blue eyes and this tiny round circle pattern on his head. He is so playful and will pounce on anything that moves.

Sleep time

Sleep time
Hanging on

Hanging on

The little guy has already caught his first mouse, which was one of the reasons we got him.

He is very friendly and loves to be in whatever room people are in to either play around in the room or lie down on you. He loves coming into our room when we get home and loves to play underneath our bed. I think he loves all the different things to play with and he loves shoes for some reason.


Some rude individual broke gabnation earlier this morning on Monday. They wiped my pride and joy completely and of course they deleted the last full backup. Luckily I had a backup of a few things but not all hence all the missing images on this page. It’s going to take me a long time to get it back to where it was. Especially the gabnation gallery. Slowly, slowly, I hope I’ll get there. So if a photo album doesn’t work, then that’s why.

** UPDATE ** I’ve managed to get most of it back up. I’m still missing a lot of the blog images and a few albums from the gallery but apart from that it’s mostly all back.

Another year gone by

So another year rolls on by. In previous years I’ve said that the year went quick but this year I can’t say it did. It didn’t go fast but it didn’t go slow in any way at all.

Rach and I spent New Years Eve at home… But of course our house put on a party. We thought we’d be able to see the London Eye fireworks from our rooftop but we found out at 00:00 that we couldn’t see them 🙁 So instead we watched them on a TV. I sat their it utmost disappointment and sadness watching a spectacular display of fireworks, on TV. Unlike the rest that I had seen, this display wasn’t boring. I was really disappointed that we weren’t there along the river watching them in person and soaking up the atmosphere. All I can say that is if you are ever here in London on New Years Eve, make sure you go.

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Woo hoo! Holidays…

Happy holidays and all of that stuff to you all. Most of all, I hope you’re all spending time away from work and with your families, friends and love ones taking it easy.

I’ve completed a big update to the gabnation site. I’ve changed the way the pages to work in order to make it much easier for me to update and maintain. At the same time I’ve finally got around to uploading the photos from our Europe trip and added the thumbnails for the cities and the other albums. All of the albums from now on will be added to the gabnation gallery but I’ll still add a thumbnail and link to them from within the relevant gabnation web page. The main additions are to the travel, party and events section. You can always access these by going direct to and clicking on the relevant links.

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What’s been going on?

Just thought I’d put up a quick post about what’s been going on lately. Well things feel like that they’ve slowed down a little bit and we’ve just been getting into the normal routine, although on the other side of the planet.

Big Ben

Big Ben

We went to Barcelona again in late October. We had a great time and it actually felt like a holiday because we did a lot of relaxing. We weren’t in a rush to see all of the sights like last time and I loved the cheap shopping compared to London.

Rach and I went for a shopping expo one weekend at a complex called Bluewater. This place is huge. We spent all day there and I didn’t see all of the floor space. It has over 300 stores, all in the one mall. Believe it or not though I walked away with nothing and Rach walked away with a winter coat and a few other things.

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One year rolls on…

For those of you who are not in the know, Rach and I have been together for a year today. I would like to take this opportunity to say that I love her lots and to say thanks to Rachel for all of the fantastic times that we’ve had together and for the absolutely amazing things we’ve both seen and done together.

My Rachie 

My Rachie

How many people do you know that can say that with their significant other, in the last year, they have seen the Eiffel tower, the Colosseum, leaning tower of Pisa and crossed through ten countries? Not many.

A year is only a small amount of time but as I see it, it’s a small step to a big plan.

To celebrate, tomorrow night we’re going on a mini cruise down the river Thames, followed by a visit to the London Eye. We’re then heading to dinner before going to the theatre to see Chicago.

It’s going to be great.

Woo hoo!

What can I say, we’re finally off. This morning was funny on the phone to my sister saying “Hey, I guess I’ll see you in Barcelona”. It’s just not normal every day conversation that you have with some one. Pretty exciting.

There was hardly any waiting on Sydney airport which was great. They delayed our Canberra to Sydney flight a few times, which meant by the time we got through customs in Sydney we pretty much jumped on the plane headed for Singapore. This was the jumbo we caught from Sydney to Singapore:



I was most impressed when some one from Singapore airlines offered me 30 minutes of free wireless internet (you normally have to pay and at a crazy price no doubt). I’m currently on my laptop (I knew it was gonna be good for something) sitting in these uncomfortable chairs. It’s 3am Canberra time and according to the LCD screen in front of me we are traveling at 948km/h, we’re 9573 metres above sea level, it’s minus 35 degrees outside and we have 11 hours and 31 minutes of flying time left. I’ve got some Panadeine Forte, so hopefully that’ll knock me out for a few hours.

So far it’s been pretty uneventful. The flight to Singapore was easy as and went quite quickly. Singapore Airlines have been great, highly recommended so far. Loads of food (they’re trying to load us up again with another four meals on our second flight). They have a great in flight entertainment system. You can play Nintendo and play multiplayer games against other people on the flight. There’s a large selection of movies and you can make them start, forward, rewind and pause them when you want. There’s also a good selection of radio stations including a cool channel mixed my Ministry of Sound exclusively for Singapore Airlines.

A couple other quickies: Singapore airport has those world famous squat and drop toilettes. Each toilette area had at least one. I guess the locals must use them? Different strokes for different folks. And Bernie will love this one. We’ve got a crying baby near us. I guess you can all imagine it.

Any way, I’m gonna get back to counting down 11 hours and 31 minutes. Ciao.

The clock is ticking. Only 6 sleeps to go…

Farewell Invitiation

Farewell Invitation

So Rach and I have both had our last days of work and the previous weekend we had our farewell party. Thanks to every one who came to the farewell party. Rach and I had a fantastic time. It’s always great to have all of your friends in the one room. The photos from the night are up here:

Map of Trip

Map of Trip

The whole concept of moving to a different country for a while still really hasn’t sunk in. In 2 weeks from now we’ll be in Paris. Three weeks in Prague. It’s all quite strange really. If you click the map on the left, it will show you all the places we are heading to. As you can see where covering such a large part of Europe in a little time. We’re in a new place nearly every three days. One day on a bus, the next two travelling, and then it starts all over again. The bus will be Rach and I’s best friend by the end of the trip 🙁 Visit the itinerary page if you are unsure of what’s the name of one of the places or if you wanna know when we’ll be some where.
My head feels a little lost as I’ve still got a fair few things to do before I go but it should all be under control soon. I better get back to all of that now 🙂

My first post (I couldn’t think of anything better as a title)

I created this blog in hope that during my travels around Europe & the UK I’d keep a record of what went on. This is because I know that by the time I get home, no doubt I will have forgotten or at least forgotten to mention large parts of the trip. I think I’d also like to be able to look back at what’s on here and reminisce and laugh about my adventures. This blog will also allow me to upload and show you photos of some of the great places I’ll visit along the way.

It’s just so easy to communicate with every one via the net. Anyway, I thought this blog would be a good place to start.

Please feel free to register and submit comments. I’d love to hear from you all. Your first post will need to be approved first, so you won’t see it online straight away but from there after it will pop up straight away.

For those who care, the term blog is the short version of web log. For more info click here.