The leaning tower

Pisa - Rach

Pisa – Rach

On the way from Florence to Nice we stopped at Pisa. Of course to see one of the countries most famous monuments and to see all the other tourists doing the holding up the tower photo 🙂

According to our tour guide Pisa is a hole and he thought that of the hour and thirty minutes we were there that it was an hour and twenty too long. Even our Lonely Planet travel guide noted that there was no reason for an extended stay. If they say this about Pisa, I wonder what they´d say about Canberra 🙂

Adrian & Rach

Adrian & Rach

Of course we had to get some holding or pushing the tower photos 🙂 I felt like the biggest cheeser doing it but I had some comfort knowing that a hundred other people were doing it.

The tower is really on a lean. It used to lean even further every year but in the 1990s they worked on fixing the unstable ground below it (which caused the tower to continually keep leaning further. The tower was not built leaning. It was once straight).

Pisa - Adrian

Pisa – Adrian

Apparently the works down have also correct the lean to an angle back to what it was some time ago so it´s not as far leaning as it once was.

It was hard to work along the main strip without getting asked to buy a watch or an “original” Louis Vitton bag 🙂

All in all the tower was impressive and a must see and the grounds and grass area around it are kept in top condition.