Woo hoo!

What can I say, we’re finally off. This morning was funny on the phone to my sister saying “Hey, I guess I’ll see you in Barcelona”. It’s just not normal every day conversation that you have with some one. Pretty exciting.

There was hardly any waiting on Sydney airport which was great. They delayed our Canberra to Sydney flight a few times, which meant by the time we got through customs in Sydney we pretty much jumped on the plane headed for Singapore. This was the jumbo we caught from Sydney to Singapore:



I was most impressed when some one from Singapore airlines offered me 30 minutes of free wireless internet (you normally have to pay and at a crazy price no doubt). I’m currently on my laptop (I knew it was gonna be good for something) sitting in these uncomfortable chairs. It’s 3am Canberra time and according to the LCD screen in front of me we are traveling at 948km/h, we’re 9573 metres above sea level, it’s minus 35 degrees outside and we have 11 hours and 31 minutes of flying time left. I’ve got some Panadeine Forte, so hopefully that’ll knock me out for a few hours.

So far it’s been pretty uneventful. The flight to Singapore was easy as and went quite quickly. Singapore Airlines have been great, highly recommended so far. Loads of food (they’re trying to load us up again with another four meals on our second flight). They have a great in flight entertainment system. You can play Nintendo and play multiplayer games against other people on the flight. There’s a large selection of movies and you can make them start, forward, rewind and pause them when you want. There’s also a good selection of radio stations including a cool channel mixed my Ministry of Sound exclusively for Singapore Airlines.

A couple other quickies: Singapore airport has those world famous squat and drop toilettes. Each toilette area had at least one. I guess the locals must use them? Different strokes for different folks. And Bernie will love this one. We’ve got a crying baby near us. I guess you can all imagine it.

Any way, I’m gonna get back to counting down 11 hours and 31 minutes. Ciao.