A photo of Rach and Adrian out front of the Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque

We normally take turns in writing on the blog but Rach has been “busy”. It’s getting on a while since we went so I thought I’d at least put a quick entry up along with the photos.

The drive into the city made us realise this place was far different to any other city we’ve been too. Some areas looked quite run down, almost exactly as you see them depicted in Middle-Eastern-like scenes in the movies. There is a thick grey smog layer over the entire city. I’m not sure what from, because it doesn’t seem any busier than other cities. Maybe it’s due to the thousands of huge oil tanker ships that pass through the river that divides Istanbul and connects the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea.

In an attempt to be quick, I’ll go over the highlights and let the photos tell the rest of the story.

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