I love NY

New York is unreal. It’s easily one of the best cities so far for sure. It really felt like we were in an American TV show or movie because we kept seeing so many things that are so American, like their yellow traffic lights, the yellow taxis, the fire escape stairs that you always see the villains get chased down in the movies, the sidewalk pretzel / hotdog stands, the steam coming out of the street man holes, the FedEx trucks and so many other recognisable things.

Wall St Stock Exchange

Wall St Stock

I really loved all the huge towering skyscrapers that were everywhere in lower Manhattan. So many buildings looked so modern and neatly designed. My favourite of them all is easily the Chrysler building. With its art deco design at the top, it really looks great when light up at night. Unfortunately the Chrysler Building is not open to the public but we got a good look at it from near by and at the top of the Empire State building.

Times Square was amazing. There is always a buzz in the air with heaps of people around. The brightly light signs look great at night and even in the day.

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New York

The first place we headed to when we arrived in New York was Times Square. It really lived up to our expectations, we literally just stood there for more than half an hour looking around, it was even better when we came back that night and all the lights were lit up, it really is pretty spectacular. The photos just don’t do it any justice compared to the real thing.

Times Square at Night

Times Square
at Night
Times Square

Times Square

We then thought we might do some shopping and we knew that Madison Avenue and 5th Avenue were big shopping streets. They definitely are the places to shop if you have lots of cash to spend! The shops along 5th Avenue included Chanel, Tiffany & Co, DKNY, Louis Vuitton, Gucci etc you name it, it was there! We walked around for quite awhile but realised that it wasn’t really our kind of shops and we needed to find another shopping area quick! We ended up finding some streets on our third day that were more catered to our price range in Soho and Greenwich Village, we wished we had found them sooner. Everything was so much cheaper compared to London, we shopped for a few hours each day but it would have been great to have spent a few more days in New York so we could have done lots more shopping!

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