Catching up with Mick and Candice in Ibiza

A photo of the main dance floor in Amnesia, Ibiza

PVD @ Amnesia

So I went to Ibiza to catch up with Mick and Candice. Mick has been a good friend of mine for some time from the hockey days and Candice is his girlfriend.

Our first night was at Amnesia where Paul Van Dyk was to play a 6 hour set. He played a pretty good mix and dropped in a few classics along the way e.g. Iio – Rapture and one of my top favs: Andain – Beautiful Things. A great night was had but the humidity, heat and general way too packed club stopped it from being as good as it could be.

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Ibiza, the magic white isle


Jet Over Apartment

Woo hoo! We finally made it to Ibiza. Flying in over and around Ibiza is a magnificent sight all by itself. The water is so blue and you get a good view of all the huge resorts and areas that make up the island.

On Friday we stayed in the area known as Ibiza town. This area is known for its many cafes, bars, restaurants and fashion stores on every street corner. Of course it’s also known for its night life. We were still a little tired from our night in Barcelona so we didn’t do much on our first day. We weren’t worried cause we knew what was ahead of us over the next couple days. We went for a short walk around Ibiza town at lunch and it seemed very quiet and not exactly what I expected. I assume this is because we didn’t walk around enough. We went for another walk around after dinner and this freezing wind came in quickly and knocked any motivation out of us. So unfortunately we didn’t get to experience what Ibiza town had to offer.

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