Ibiza, the magic white isle


Jet Over Apartment

Woo hoo! We finally made it to Ibiza. Flying in over and around Ibiza is a magnificent sight all by itself. The water is so blue and you get a good view of all the huge resorts and areas that make up the island.

On Friday we stayed in the area known as Ibiza town. This area is known for its many cafes, bars, restaurants and fashion stores on every street corner. Of course it’s also known for its night life. We were still a little tired from our night in Barcelona so we didn’t do much on our first day. We weren’t worried cause we knew what was ahead of us over the next couple days. We went for a short walk around Ibiza town at lunch and it seemed very quiet and not exactly what I expected. I assume this is because we didn’t walk around enough. We went for another walk around after dinner and this freezing wind came in quickly and knocked any motivation out of us. So unfortunately we didn’t get to experience what Ibiza town had to offer.

Apartment View


On Saturday we headed for our next apartment that was in the area named Playa Den Bossa. This area is known for its huge long stretch of beach, the famous beach bar “Bora Bora” and the super club “Space”. On arrival instantly this area seemed so much more alive than where we were the previous day. People were abundant and the street was lined with shops, restaurants and even a mini theme park. Our apartment was in a perfect spot too. It backed against the beach and was on the same road as Bora Bora and Space, all within a five minute walk. What more could you ask for? Our apartment was great. It was spacious, had a lounge, tv, fridge and a good view of the pool and beach. It was also under the flight path of the planes flying in. It’s a welcome change from the hostels and lovely dorm rooms 🙂



Bora Bora is j ust cool as. It’s a bar right on the beach and it’s my kind of place. I’d head back to Ibiza just for it. What a great way to relax. It’s on the beach, they sell drinks and play the coolest of tunes. All of my favourite styles of tunes too. Heaps of people are around and loads get into it. People dancing on the sand, girls dancing on the tables and girls walking around with no tops on catching sun rays. This is a great place for all you single boys out there 🙂 Bora Bora is right under the flight path of planes about to land in Ibiza so you get up nice and close and when they fly over the crowd cheers, whistles and waves to the plane as it flies by.



At Bora Bora we ended up picking up tickets for Privilege, the world’s biggest club according to the Guiness Book of Records. No big ticket DJs that I noticed but I was mainly going for the show. It has a swimming pool in it and about 5 or 6 huge rooms. I wasn’t exactly sure how many. The rooms were massive and very tall. All of the rooms were filled with thousands of people. Some were full of lasers filling the room. We read in a few places that none of the super clubs allow people to take photos. So unfortunately I don’t have any photos of the super clubs to show you. The room with the pool was very cool. They had it half covered with a floating floor that bounced around over the top of it. I could so see that floor collapsing. Many rooms had large pylons with dancers on top. I sort of knew the music wasn’t going to be our style and it wasn’t. It was horrible. In some rooms I’m not even sure if you could classify it as music. In fact, I wouldn’t even know how to describe it or even what category it would fall under. I was a bit surprised not to find one room with music that we enjoyed. We didn’t hang around long because of this but I wasn’t unhappy as I mainly came for the show and the club itself. We left at about 4 am and headed for sleep as Space was on the next night.

Group Shot

Before Space

Sunday at Space was to be our massive night. It was the opening night for the 2006 season. These nights have always been known as massive and a must go. The list was full of head line DJs such as Sasha, Digweed, Carl Cox, Steve Lawler and Eric Prydz only to name a few 🙂 I was very excited as during the day we could hear some of my favourite tunes coming out of Space. Space opens from 08:00 Sunday and goes till 08:00 Monday. All was going to plan and we headed to Space a little after midnight. After waiting in line with a thousand other people, the security guards told every one Space was not letting any more people in for the night! WHAT THE!!! They had over sold by hundreds and apparently it was way too over crowded. What kind of club oversells tickets! We were told we’d be able to get a refund in the morning so we left and headed back to our room to settle for tunes from our mp3 music players. What an anticlimax!

Rach and I headed back to Space at about 4 am and they were letting people in. We both wanted to Experience Space even if only for a few hours. Space is a very cool venue. It has an outside roof terrace as well as another room that is outside but sheltered. The music was more to our style but because of the time it was definitley a little harder, darker and faster in most rooms. The main room churned a few goodies every now and then. Rach and I ended up heading off at about 6:30 am.

Ibiza Sunrise

Ibiza Sunrise

We caught up with one of the newest staff members of the Ibiza Angels named Teri 🙂 We met earlier in the day but only for a short while. We ended up having dinner on Monday night and was good to catch up again. For those that don’t know Teri dropped everything and left her job in London to come to Ibiza to live here for the season and to become and Ibiza Angel. Ibiza Angles are people who give shoulder and head massages to the people in the clubs. She gets in for free to all of the super clubs and bars.

Overall our super club experience was not that crash hot. But even without the super clubs I’d come back here any time. If I could go back in time, I would of gone to Space during the day rather than at night, as they were playing more of our style of music and there was definitely a cool funky festival / field day atmosphere and style to it.

A bit more about Ibiza. It’s great here because the night life outside of the clubs and bars just keeps going. People are walking around every where and there is always a god atmosphere in the air. People are still ordering dinner at close to midnight. The local super market stays open to well past 1 am. I went back in there about 1 am on Sunday morning to get a few drinks. Talk about convenience. Even the local department store was open till after 11pm.

The weather in Ibiza on a whole was great for all of our days, though on some nights the wind was quite cool.

I will definitely heading back here again before the season is out. Bring it on is say! I’m sure I’ve missed something about Ibiza so if any one has any questions about this great island, please post up a comment.

Ps. Full credit goes to Mark and Nat for the Beach, Privilige and the unreal sunrise photo.

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  1. well that the reason why we stayed in ibiza town and playa den bossa. general speaking the poms and pom larger louts stay over in san antonio, which is on the other side of the island. it’s the cheapest area. funny that. so many reviews i’ve read said to stay away because of the drunkard large louts.

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