We arrived unwillingly in London after a great time in Portugal and of course great weather. We were in for a rude surprise to hear the weather in London would be 18 degrees, windy and cloudy. I guess we’d better get used to this, as there’s much more of this to come.

We spent our first three nights in a budget hotel, which was definitely budget. It looked like an old hospital or mental home. The price was expensive too.

We spent the first few days looking for a temporary shelter over our head for the next few weeks so we could just relax and get on with doing the important things e.g. looking for work and a more permanent place to stay without the worry of not having a place to stay.

Our Room

Our Room
The View

The View

We ended up being recommended to a place that specializes in people like us. People who are looking for a place to stay with no commitment and for short to medium lengths of stay.

I’m not going say how much the room is per week but let’s just say when it’s converted to Australian dollars that it’s probably more per week than any one you know paying rent in Australia and that would be for a house too 🙁 The room has what we need and will do for the short term. It has a great view out on to the major park in the area. It’s close by to a tube / metro stop. It’s close to the high street (the street with all the good shops) and last but not least it’s close to Johanna’s home.

Any way, I better get back to looking for work.

Ps. Keep checking back for the rest of Lisbon and Portugal.

3 thoughts on “London”

  1. i’d be kut leaving sunny portugal to go to cloudy london, but hey, what can you do. The place your staying looks. . . cosy 🙂 are you missing having a car yet?

  2. yeah the place is massive NOT.

    nah not missing the car yet. i never really believed that good transport what stop me from missing the car but here the transport is really good.

    the tube runs trains nearly every three minutes for most lines. so it’s a snap to get from A to B.

    i thought i’d hate buses like i do in canberra but here there is like four different buses that i can catch from the tube to our place (if i don’t feel like a short walk from the tube to our place). this means you’re never waiting for more than a few minutes a bus.

    generally speaking for most buses there is one every six to ten minutes and in our case cause we leave on an arterial road, we can catch a few different routes that just happen to follow the same path up to our place and then they branch off into their respective routes.

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